COOL’HEURES – 27.02.2018

Milton Glaser & Heinz Edelmann

“Color is intuitive,” according to Milton Glaser, a 20th-century graphic artist and designer. Heinz Edelmann, largely inspired by Glaser is also a fan of bright colors, for CASTELBAJAC Paris: Color is a source of life and joy.

The artistic encounter between CASTELBAJAC and these two designers is obvious and expressed graphically in the new Spring / Summer 2018 collection called “Summer of Dreams”.

Born in 1929, Milton Glaser is a New York graphic designer and illustrator best known for his famous logos around the world (including the Brooklyn Lager, I love New York …). In 1954, he founded with Seymour Chwast, Reynold Ruffins and Edward Sorel Push Pin Studios and then, in 1968, create with Clay Felker the New York Magazine.

During the second half of the twentieth century, the influence of this workshop is considerable because at a time when to be young is not an enviable situation, the workshop builds a graphic identity of the youth culture and imposes it on the whole world . Thus, when the Museum of Decorative Arts of the City of Paris inaugurates a major exhibition in 1970, it is the consecration. This exhibition marks a turning point for the Studio, their work is recognized and the large institutions allow them to spread quickly in Europe. Witness this poster against tobacco published in France in 1972.

But in 1974, Milton Glaser left Push Pin Studios, and founded his own company, Milton Glaser Inc., from which was born the famous logo “I Love NY” as well as the famous language of the Rolling Stones and album cover that he brilliantly created for Bob Dylan.

Although the cover has become almost iconic, Bob Dylan and Milton Glaser have never really worked together on this project.
Glaser even said in 2015: “[Dylan] hated the album that was produced, which was the last album he made for Columbia. (…) So he tends to hate everything, and although he never told me that he never liked the poster, in fact, we never discussed it.”

Another great designer, Heinz Edelmann is a German illustrator and designer born in 1934. Much inspired by Milton Glaser the artist does not hesitate to plagiarize without Milton take rigor out of it, preferring to follow the English proverb: “Imitation is the best form of flattery ”

Spotted by his illustrations for the magazine “Twen” Heinz Edelmann is internationally recognized for the artistic direction of the psychedelic animated film “Yellow Submarine” of one of the most influential groups in the world: The Beatles.

Following this success, the artist decided to leave for Amsterdam, where he realized, for the last time with the particular style of “Yellow Submarine”, the illustration of the book by Hans Stempel and Martin Ripkens “Andromedar SR1”.

Milton Glaser and Heinz Edelmann have both innovated in the fields of design, typography and graphics. They allow us to see the world differently, both inspired by the hippie culture and ambient psychedelia of their time.

The Spring / Summer collection “Summer of Dreams” reinterprets the poetic figures of the two artists, and appropriates the bright colors of the time by inviting the person who wear those creations to enter the dreamlike and imaginary world of the House.