MEMORABILIA – 03.13.2018

The Misappropration

The misappropriation is an artistic process that involves appropriating an image or object and modifying it to make something new, by changing its context or its material.

In 1982 CASTELBAJAC Paris creates its first dresses by offering painters Jean-Charles Blas, Robert Combas and Loulou Picasso to paint on dresses to be worn. The pictorial work becomes clothing.
Following the first dress painting, it is in 1988 that the brand inspired a return to childhood with the diversion of teddy bears. Made of about forty bears sewn together, the “Teddy Bear” coat overcomes the painting and do the cover of major women’s magazines such as ELLE Magazine.
At the Fall-Winter 1989 show, Vanessa Paradis wears a Teddy Bear coat that becomes a Snoopy bolero.

After teddy bears, the LEGO world-famous construction games are also diverted. Transformed, printed or mounted in a cap, these Lego are a real playground & artistic expression (2009 Spring-Summer Collection “JC in the Sky with Diamonds”)

Lady Gaga with the Kermitt coat

Soft toys are accumulate to become coats, puppets too. In 2008 the 2008-2009 Autumn-Winter collection “Be Pop my Lola” is adorned with Kermit the Frog, a fictional character created by American puppeteer Jim Henson. Worn by Lady Gaga, the Kermit coat is one of the first pieces worn by the pop star.

In 2008 and 2009, blue cards are dresses and the dollar is worn on one shoulder.
Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 “Be Pop My Lola” and Spring-Summer 2009 “JC in the Sky with Diamonds”
In 2011-2012, the “Woman Ray” Collection pays homage to Literature: the dresses are book’s cover, the literary prizes are on the front page of the show.

Using the technique of diversion, the House puts forward various arts such as literature or painting.
Like CASTELBAJAC, many artists use the diversion of objects, materials or food in their art, just like the Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso using an orange to make it a useful everyday object.

In the history of art and design, the technique of diversion is frequently used. In 1936, Meret Oppenheim create “Luncheon in Fur”, a work preserved at the MoMA in New York. The same year, Dali diverts an object from our everyday life that becomes the Paradise Phone (1936, private collection).
The Campana brothers, in turn, use fluff to create armchairs.

The misappropriation using by the house CASTELBAJAC Paris is an integral part of its DNA. With the use of this technique it diffuses then culture and lightness of mind.