MEMORABILIA – 04.11.2018

The Rebus

Do you know how to communicate by drawing?

With the rebus of course! You certainly know this way of communication with drawings or images, which, put end to end form a word or a phrase that makes sense.

Many poets like Guillaume Apollinaire or Robert Desnos used the rebus in their collections or in their personal writings.

Rebus are also used from 1750 by Voltaire! Indeed, when Voltaire was received by Frederick the Great at Sanssouci Palace, they exchanged by rebus and other coded messages to make an appointment for lunch. Here is an example of their correspondence:

Frederic Le Grand at Voltaire: 2 hands under p at a hundred under saw?
Translation: “Tomorrow dinner at Sanssouci? “

Have you decoded Voltaire’s answer at the invitation of Frederick the Great?
“G” big “a” little, in other words, “I have a big appetite”.

Like our predecessors, CASTELBAJAC Paris have designed and embroided some rebus since its beginnings. Here, the Autumn/Winter 1988 Collection where the sweaters adorn themselves cult songs and known to all as a rebus. We find this same idea of the poem illustrated in the Autumn/Winter 1995 collection.

We find the use of drawing and writing on the print of the House: Strip Dialog. In 1990, on a all over carpet (Collaboration CASTELBAJAC Paris and Ligne Roset) or in detail on a dress for the Spring/Summer Collection 2006

Over the years, the House CASTELBAJAC take ownership of some quotes of famous authors turning them into rebuses: Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1943).

CASTELBAJAC Paris uses and enjoys this graphic game. More recently it was in collaboration with the brand DAGOBEAR that the rebus took a prominent place in the collection. Under the sign of Provence, both brands have appropriated the literary titles of the Provencal author Marcel Pagnol in rebus.

You can find the CASTELBAJAC Paris x DAGOBEAR collection here.

Thus CASTELBAJAC Paris plays with the literary references of its time in order to appropriate them in a fun way. From now, you will have no more excuse not to decode our poetic messages!