Birth of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac in Casablanca on November 28. Son of Louis, Marquis de Castelbajac and Jeanne Blanche born Empereur-Bissonet, he is the descendant of an ancient, illustrious family.


Boards with the Oratiens and the Betharram Brothers.


Creation of his first women’s ready-to-wear collection for the Valmont clothing company founded in Limoges by his mother. Referring to the chaos of the events of May, he renames the company Ko & Co. The jacket cut from a blanket creates a sensation.


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac works for ready-to-wear brands V to V and Pierre d'Alby in France. In Italy, he creates a collection of jeans for the brand Jesus. He befriends Roland Topor and Jean-François Bizot, the founder of Actuel magazine.


Parade at the Galliera museum. The clothing, inspired by Futurism, makes use of Velpeau bandages, mica and nylon protection. Meets Malaval, artist and creator of the French version of Pop Art, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac goes on to repeatedly use Malaval's famous poem “The Ghost” in his clothing creations.


Runway show at the “Bourse de Commerce” transformed for the occasion into a spaceship featuring transparent plastic skiwear filled with feathers. Malaval chooses and arranges the colors. The first two person poncho. Meets Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood in London. For the first time an artist paints the invitation of the runway show: Jigé (The Angelus).


Collaborates with the Italian industrialist Achilles Maramoti, founder of Max Mara, where he designs the Sportmax line.


Creates Isabelle Adjani’s costumes for the film Violette et François, and those of Woody Allen in his own Annie Hall. Costume design for the character of Purdey in “The Avengers” televison series. Designs knitwear for Iceberg.


First fashion show in Japan and opens his first shop in Tokyo, in Roppongi. Costume design for Elli and Janco, Kraftwerk as well as Farah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels.


Leaves Creators and Industrialists to found his own company, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. First use of literary texts as prints.


Launch of his perfume « Première ». Meets Robert Mapplethorpe, Raymond Levy and Ettore Sottsass.


1981 Designs furniture with his medallion chair and a “Proust” table. First advertising campaign, “The Contemporaries”, through the lens of Bettina Rheims. The “Proust’s Questionnaire” dress and the perfecto made with an accumulation of leather gloves.


First painting-dresses painted by Jean-Charles Blais, Robert Combas and Loulou Picasso. Painted Object-dresses, as a tribute to the twentieth century.


Series of “tribute” dresses (from Mickey Mouse to Jackie Kennedy via Louis XVI). Meets Cindy Sherman, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Second “The Contemporaries” advertising campaign under the eye of Oliviero Toscani.


The work of Basquiat inspires his Graffiti dresses which he realizes with a graphic artist. The “Shiva” jumper featuring six arms. “Back to front” clothing (suits and tuxedos buttoned from the back) and jackets worn as skirts and skirts worn as jackets. First oversized collection “Gulliver Clothing.”


Exhibition of his creations and his art collection at the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes.Collaboration with Snoopy Incorporated. Designs for rugs, sheets printed with poems, collection tableware with “Sparta” and “Parthenon” glasses which are produced by ALPAC. Creates a collection of bags and luggage for Arco for which the material “Caviar grain” is the same as that used for American Football balls.


Collaboration with K-Way. Exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


Second boutique opens in Paris on rue des Petits-Champs. Participates in the “Our 80s” exhibition at UCAD. Signs a license with Ligne Roset for upholstery and furniture lines. Vanessa Paradis walks the runway wearing the Snoopy jacket during the Winter 89/90 show. François Mitterand and Jack Lang get into the habit of wearing his sweaters during their ascent of the Rock of Solutré.


Participates in the exhibition “The World According to its Creators” at the Galliera Museum. “Tagliatelle” collection.


Malcolm McLaren composes the music for the Fall/Winter show, for which the CD also serves as the invitation card. Exhibiton of his “waterproof correspondence” at the Post Office Museum.


Designs two watches for Swatch. André Courrèges’ first collection in collaboration with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.


Officer of Arts and Letters. New shop at Place Saint-Sulpice. Designs shoes for Weston and Palladium.


Creation of vestments for Pope John-Paul II and for 5500 church members on the occasion of the 12th World Youth Day in Paris.


The first - and only - haute couture collection, “Bellintellingentzia.” Returns to menswear with the “Presumed Innocent” collection. “State of Emergency” runway show featured in the new metro station François Mitterrand (line 14).


Launch of the third fragrance “Doudou”, winner of the design award. Designs skiwear for Rossignol, and collaborates with Le Coq Sportif. Pays tribute to Guy Pellaert with the “Physical Graffiti” collection.


Installs his studio and the new Concept Store, prepared with Christian Ghion, at 10 rue de Vauvilliers where he presents, before completion of the renovations, the menswear collection “Working Class Heroes” for which some of his friends model: Malcolm McLaren, Janco, Laurent Voulzy, Christophe Pillet...


Monographic exhibition, “Popaganda,” at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.Designs a collection of trekking clothing for Rossignol. Installation commissioned by Citroën for FIAC: the “Kubrickscube” (a giant Rubik’s cube illuminated according to the rhythm of a soundtrack). “Honi soit qui mal think” collection which is a tribute to the UK.


“Gallierock” at Galliera Fashion Museum of the City of Paris, celebrating forty years of design.


Opening of his first concept store in London, 51 Conduit Street in Mayfair. Collaboration with Lee Cooper jeans on the occasion of the centenary of the brand.


“Be Bop My Lola” runway show with a large presence of muppets used in accumulation. Creates a dress for Lady Gaga and an ensemble for Beyonce for the video for “Telephone”.


“Woman Ray” collection in honor of the artist Man Ray and “Rustica Galactica” with futuristic inspirations.


“Fire on Ice” collection with Nordic-goth inspirations, and “Esmeraldorado” celebrating the urban jungle, at the Oratory of the Louvre.


“Foxy Lady” runway show at the Oratory of the Louvre, inspired by literature and the romantic pre-Raphaelites.


“POESIC”, a fashion show at Espace Vendôme honouring the use of the designer's art in fashion. “SPORTSOIR” fashion show, a tribute to the surrealism of Meret Oppenheim along with the designer's childhood memories.


“74 SUD” fashion show at Garage Lubeck, a sportwear and futuristic French Riviera.

Boarding school class picture, he was 7 years old.

Ko and Co Blanket Coat.

First fashion show: inflatable tent on the Bon Marché
department store’s rooftop, looks made with twisted mops.

In the presence of Kenzo Takada, Anne Marie Berreta,
Chantal Thomas, Madame Grès and Yves Saint Laurent.

Jerry Hall, the futuristic fashion show at the
Musée Galliera.

First ‘Two places’ poncho, fashion show at
La Bourse de Commerce.

Inès de la Fressange wearing an
Iceberg x Castelbajac sweater.

Elli Medeiros’ outfit, for the
‘Boom Boom’ music video

Farah Fawcett’s outfit for ‘Charlie’s Angels’

First Jean­Charles de Castelbajac shop in Paris,
rue des Petits­Champs.

Grace Jones.

Advertising campaign for the ‘Première’ perfume.

Inès de la Fressange wearing a ‘Hommage’ dress.

The artist Ben peforming on a painting dress.

Andy Warhol by Oliviero Toscani,
‘Les contemporains’ advertising campaign.

Inès de la Fressange wearing a
‘Gulliver’ jacket.

First ‘Shiva’ sweater.

Buttonned back smoking dress and ‘Ampoule’ painted dress,
picture by Guy Bourdin

‘Big Bag’ Bag, ‘Grain de Caviar’ collection.

Kway x Castelbajac advertising campaign.

François Mitterand and Jack Lang
wearing Castelbajac for the
« Solutré » ascencion.

Vanessa Paradis wearing the
« Snoopy » jacket.

‘Tagliateli’ collection.

Fashion show invitation designed by Keith Haring.

‘Port Window’
dress for André Courrèges.

Bishops dressed by Castelbajac during the Youthness Worldwide Day in Paris.

Weston multicolored loafers.

‘Scarf’ dress, the Haute­Couture collection,

‘Vision test’ Dress,
the ‘State of Emergency’ Collection

‘Kubrickscube’ installation for the FIAC exhibit.

Poster for the ‘Gallierock’
exhibition at the Musée de la
Mode de la Ville de Paris.

London concept store, 51 Conduit Street.

‘Cloud’ dress, ‘JC in the sky with diamonds’
fashion show at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Beyoncé wearing a Castelbajac outfit in the ‘Telephone’ music video with Lady Gaga.

Tribute outfit to Man Ray, the ‘Woman Ray’
fashion show at Carousel du Louvre.

« Heavy metal » dress, the ‘Foxy Lady’ fashion
show at l’Oratoire du Louvre.

« Coral » Embroidered sweater, the ‘Esmeraldo’ fashion show
at l'Oratoire du Louvre.

‘Notebook’ dress at the ‘Poésic’ fashion
show, Espace Vendôme.

Multicoloured ‘trompe­l'oeil’ looks at the ‘Poésic’ fashion
show, Espace Vendôme.

‘Camo faces’ looks at the ‘Sportsoir’
fashion show, Espace Vendôme.

Pauline Lefèvre wearing an encrusted
‘Rays’ Micro­Teddy, the ‘74 SUD’
fashion show, Garage Lübeck.