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PIERRE-ALAIN CHALLIER GALLERY: The Exhibition “Coloremotion”

Arty dans le cœur et dans l’âme, les Arts et la créativité forgent l’identité et animent l’esprit de notre marque depuis 42 ans!

La peinture, le street art, la poésie, la littérature, ou encore la musique, sont autant de collaborations qui ont nourri notre marque. Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Harring, mais aussi Robert Malaval, ou encore Katy Perry, Vanessa Paradis et bien d’autres ont contribué au rayonnement de la maison Castelbajac Paris dans le monde !

Dans une démarche de démocratisation et de décloisonnement de l’art, nous partageons avec vous ces œuvres et ces artistes qui nous font vibrer. A travers notre œil aussi curieux qu’optimiste, nous vous invitons à découvrir et partager l’actualité artistique !

De tableaux en sculptures ou de scènes de concert au street art, le monde de l’ArtyCulture vous ouvre ses portes deux mardis par mois… Pour diffuser l’HappyCulture ! 🙂

PIERRE-ALAIN CHALLIER GALLERY : The Exhibition “Coloremotion”

In the heart of the Marais district, Galerie Pierre Alain Charllier welcomes video artist and plastic photograph Cécily for his “COLOREMOTION” exhibition.

Videographer and visual artist since 16 years, Cécily lives and works between Paris and Italy. She creates portraits reflecting her interest in movement, energy and anonymity.
Seeking to capture the moment of well-being, Cécily conceives the art of photography in the same way as that of painting and thus attends all her prints. His work is signed by his first name preceded by three points of suspension and names these portraits by the first name of the person represented. The artist remains grateful and values his models without whom his projects would not see the day.

Consisting of three series: “The Revised Months, I Love and Impression” Cecily’s overall purpose is to connect color with emotions, emotions with memories, loves and impressions.
The artist presents here her calendar of colors in which each week have its own tint, starting from the clearest on Monday, to the darkest on Sunday. Cecily presents also a photo series for which 11 anonymous people were photographed in front of the color of their choice thinking of something they particularly like.

Then, the plastic photograph artist takes us in her train journey, during which landscapes and music accompany her along the way. Music that we found during the visit to the gallery. Indeed, there are 7 fragments of music of cult love films that loop during this romantic and nostalgic journey.

On the second floor, the Gallery gives way to great artists, also passionate about color. From Damien Hirst to De Launay, from painting to sculpture to trompe l’oeil, the second floor opens the door to a new image of the color and its emotions.

CASTELBAJAC Paris therefore went to meet the gallery owner Pierre Alain Challier who gave us his vision of color and tells us more about the exhibition COLOREMOTION:

– Why have you chosen Cecily for this exhibition about the color?

… Cecily was marked by an exhibition of Nils-Udo at the gallery 10 years ago, and since this moment she has followed all our projects with attention. I was struck by her hypersensitive approach to colors. She made color charts for painting houses, all her work refers to a color calendar that makes her say humorously: “What color is he doing today?”

– What do you think that color brings to our daily life?

When I took the fund of the old Artcurial gallery, the spirit of Sonia Delaunay to “put the art in the daily” with its game of “Simultaneous Colors” marked me. Ceramics or textiles, jewels of enamelled artists, her talent had no limit and went through time and fashion. When I show Yayoi Kusama, Hubert Le Gall, Piero Dorazio and Damien Hirst, seeing their daring colors every day immediately brings tremendous energy to the entire gallery team. I am lucky to live surrounded by their works in my homes. It is a daily dose of vitamins, and that does not prevent me from deeply loving the blacks of Bernar Venet or Pierre Soulages, who master this black to better highlight the nuances of light. Happiness is made of contrasts, no?

– What is your last memory, artistic chock or dream with a “COLOREMOTION”?

I like above all the declensions of green in nature, which I find the essence in the paintings of Nils-Udo. I love the colors of the artists’ palettes in the workshops: at the moment, I am immersed in the yellows of Etel Adnan, the blues of Geneviève Asse, the reds of Geneviève Claisse, the vivid oranges of Vera Molnar, the collages Shirley Jaffe’s vibrating subtleties, Judith Reigl’s coppery subtleties, Sheila Hicks’ wool dripping … I run every morning the workshops of these women of character for my next exhibition “Les Pionnières”. Their creative energy is a lesson in form and mastery of color. They are over 90 years old and speak only of future and projects.

In fashion, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada who encouraged me to wear the colors. Her house on the sea is an ode to color, since I met her I allow myself all my chromatic desires. It changes the look. I like these creators whose fashion is an echo to art, who are often collectors, as were precursors Jacques Doucet, Hubert de Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent.

– On the second floor, several works by different artists are exhibited, how did you select those artists who are real masters of color?

I have the chance to publish a rich collection of hundreds of works, from sculpture to prints or decorative arts. The most difficult thing was to make a choice. With Cecily we loved the kinetic palette of Yaacov Agam, evoking his achievements for Pompidou, optimistic years where the color was queen, I also wanted to re-show the last “eyes” bright, blue and green Nicola L ., the solar landscapes of Alecos Fassianos or the famous 70 columns of Guy de Rougemont, or a flamboyant “Malicious” by Mimmo Rotella. But beyond these already “historical” pieces, I have also chosen an astonishing sculpture by Robert Combas. I even found a mathematical work with a yellow background by Bernar Venet!
In the permanent space dedicated to the jewels of artists, I highlighted the very colorful pins of the futuristic Italian Giacomo Balla, the deep blue lapis lazuli of a pendant of José-Luis Sanchez, the necklaces and rings in coulures of painting by Piero Dorazio and rare enamelled jewelery by Sonia Delaunay, which I will then lend to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

– The vocation of our House is to broadcast the HappyCulture, how would you disseminate it?

We sell the color portraits of Eva Bester, Lambert Wilson or Robert Carsen for the benefit of the association “The Voice of the Child” whose teams do an exceptional job of prevention and defense of young children victims of the vagaries of the life. The president, Martine Brousse, is a model of energy, who moves mountains with a smile even in serious circumstances. Their godmothers are Hélène Darroze, who gives birth to happiness through gluttony, and always Carole Bouquet, my dear neighbor who radiates beauty and elegance, and remains one of the most beautiful ambassadors of French culture. For me, the HappyCulture, it is foraging in life with humor and hindsight, it is to share an art of living, it is to know how to appreciate every day the luck that we have despite the sometimes hard accidents that the life reserves, it is to be said each evening that the mere fact of being alive is a perspective full of promise.

« Coloremotion »
8 rue de Belleyme 75003 Paris
Exhibition from 27th January to 24th February 2018
Open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11a.m to 19p.m